Symposium Schedule

All events are free and open to the public. 

For disability accessibility, our event will be available by Zoom as well as in person with masking required indoors. Masking is an important form of care that we provide for our community members who are immunocompromised, disabled, elderly, and caregivers. It enables people to participate in person who would otherwise not be able to without great health risks to themselves and others. Thank you for collectively taking care of our event organizers, staff, participants, and audience members. 


12:45pm Symposium Welcome and Opening

1-3pm What is Queer Ecologies?

Patricia Kaishian, Heather Davis, Corinne Teed, Anahi Russo-Garrido, Jenne Schmidt

Facilitated by Erin L. Durban

Location: Lindahl Founders Room (Northrop) & online

3:30-5pm IAS Thursdays: Intersectional Environmental Humanities Now!

M. Murphy, Mel Y. Chen

Moderator: Aren Aizura

Location: Best Buy Theater (Northrop) & online

6-9pm Moving Close to the Ground

Reading of new work by Eli Clare (reading begins at 7pm)

Location: The Bell Museum & online (doors open at 6pm to view the Bell exhibit Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact)


10am-12pm Water/Life

Eva Hayward, Abraham Weil, Macarena Gómez-Barris, Cleo Wölfle Hazard

Discussant: Stuart McLean

Location: The Liberal Arts Engagement Hub (Pillsbury) & online

2-3pm All Bodies Movement Workshop

Location: The Liberal Arts Engagement Hub (Pillsbury)

3:30-5:30pm Writing Workshop: Extractive Economies

Facilitated by Eli Clare 

Location: Liberal Arts Engagement Hub (Pillsbury) & online

6-8pm Queer Ecologies Hanky Project Gallery Opening

Mary Tremonte and V. Adams

Location: Quarter Gallery (Regis Center for Art)


10am-12pm Animals/Animalities

Juno Salazar Parreñas, Jennifer Row, Dylan McCarthy Blackston, Kale Bantigue Fajardo

Discussant: Jean Langford

Location: The Liberal Arts Engagement Hub (Pillsbury) & online

1-3pm Fermentation Workshop

Facilitated by Sandor Katz 

Location: Liberal Arts Engagement Hub (Pillsbury)

3:30-5:30pm Queer Food

Martin Manalansan, Carly Thomsen, Lorena Muñoz, Sandor Katz

Facilitated by Tracey Deutsch 

Location: Liberal Arts Engagement Hub (Pillsbury) & online

6pm Closing Remarks

9pm Dance Party:


Field Trip to Franconia Sculpture Park

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